Media Contact

Jamie’s Dream Team encourages all media to use the following contact person.

Kim Shidel, First Vice-President

Kim is the First Vice-President and co-founder of Jamie’s Dream Team along with her Mother, Bonnie Cottone, and her daughter, Jamie Holmes.  Kim has been a member of the Board of Directors of Jamie’s Dream Team since its inception in 2005.  Kim received a medical assistant certification from the Western School of Health and Business Careers in 1993.  Kim has primarily cared for Jamie on a full time basis since Jamie’s birth which prevented Kim from maintaining a career outside of the home during Jamie’s childhood.  In addition to working tirelessly for Jamie’s Dream Team, in recent years Kim has been self employed as a pizza shop proprietor, home health aide, and home consultant sales associate.


Phone: 412-377-3898

Jamie’s Dream Team
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