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Jamie’s Dream Team is a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The corporation was organized on November 21, 2005. Jamie’s Dream Team is considered a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service, and it is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Jamie’s Dream Team is managed by a nine (15) member community based Board of Directors.

The mission of Jamie’s Dream Team is to lift the spirits of those suffering from, and ease the burden caused by, serious illness, injury, disability or trauma. The purpose of Jamie’s Dream Team is to provide assistance and/or make distributions to or on behalf of qualifying individuals who are handicapped, disabled, terminally ill, severely injured or suffering from a serious medical condition, disease, or trauma.

What do you give the person who has everything?  The gift of making others dreams come true!

For $5 monthly donation or $60 one time donation, donors will receive the Jamie’s Dream Team newsletter, social media recognition for donations, a Jamie’s Dream Team t-shirt for themselves and the person they are gifting to, and a custom certificate for the giftee for you to be able to give to them!

Ashley, a beautiful 28-year-old woman landed in the ER thinking she had food poisoning. After numerous tests, she learned there was a large mass on her ovary. The mass was immediately removed and biopsied. It was then Ashley heard the words no young woman should hear; she had ovarian cancer. Soon after Ashley had a pet scan which sadly revealed cancer had spread to her lungs, liver, and her abdominal lining. The prognosis was not good. Ashley and her mom, Christine, discovered Jamie’s Dream Team and reached out. Ashley’s dream was to go on a family vacation to her favorite childhood memory, Hilton Head Island. Time was of the essence, so we worked diligently to make her dream come true within a week.

“This dream trip was the first time in months we were able to relax and enjoy our family. This gave us a week to just feel normal again. I can’t express the importance of that.” – Christine, Ashley’s mom

Christine said Ashley had an increase in happiness, resilience, and emotional well-being; she smiled more during and after that week than she had in an extremely long time. She had a more positive attitude going into her next round of treatment, which took place immediately following their dream trip.

“I think she felt this was her gift to us, having all of us together. That is what made her truly happy.”


Ashley sadly passed away a few months after their trip. Christine said this trip was able to give them a final vacation as a family. Since everything was provided and taken care of, they were able to focus on what was important, spending quality time with each other. With too many special moments to share, the one moment that is most cherished by Christine is…

“A professional photographer was sent to take pictures of us at a restaurant. That was the last professional picture of us as a family, we will cherish that forever.” (Pictured above)

Ashley was one Dream recipient, of many, whose dream we fulfilled. Jamie’s Dream Team provides dreams nationally and serves both children and adults no matter the stage of their physical health. Having a Dream fulfilled allows dream recipients and their families the opportunity to set aside, for a brief time, the daily burdens they face and enjoy a moment in life.

While we navigate through these uncertain times and learn to cope with a new sense of normal, there are a substantial number of children and adults who need help, now. Jamie’s Dream Team has not slowed down with our mission, if anything we are busier now more than ever.

This is your opportunity to play a part in something much bigger than yourself. Will you make it possible to fulfill another Dream? When you give to Jamie’s Dream Team you are allowing someone like Ashley, to have their dream come true. With each dream experience, we provide hope, give strength, and empower dream recipients and their families. Give today, change a life forever!

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