30 Aug

Christmas to Remember

Our Christmas to Remember Event helps families of  from the Pittsburgh area and surrounding southwestern Pennsylvania region who have children with a life-threatening or that they are caring for, or where one of the parents of young children is critically ill. FILL OUT OUR PROGRAM FORM!   ...

03 Aug

Aidens Story

Meet Aiden, he was diagnosed in October 2022 with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This cancer has never been seen before in a child. A cancer only found in adults and he is only 10. He began his chemo in November 2022 and seen a lot of progress with the treatment. Then, the tumor grew back to its original size in...

14 Feb

Anna’s Story

Anna is a 16 year old daughter to Erin who is a paraprofessional at Marzolf Primary School in the Shaler Area School District. Before Christmas Anna became ill. She was admitted to the PICU at Children’s Hospital and diagnosed with Flu A and double pneumonia. Her recovery process will be very long, and the family is taking it day by day...