Meet Aiden, he was diagnosed in October 2022 with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This cancer has never been seen before in a child. A cancer only found in adults and he is only 10. He began his chemo in November 2022 and seen a lot of progress with the treatment. Then, the tumor grew back to its original size in March 2023. The treatment was changed around and the next scan in May showed no change.

Last week, he received notification that the tumor grew, and there were several new spots around on the liver. There was also something that was noted as well near his lower lungs, but the MRI was not able to identify it. It could be anything and everything, including allergies, which he has a bad history of allergies. At this moment he is no longer receiving treatment, but is being referred to clinical trials at this time.

Aiden has a bucket list of things he wants and wants to do and we are trying to accomplish this for him.