This is Ivy. She is a 15 year old warrior princess that is battling a brain tumor. Her dream request was to meet Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses.


Kyle was a 15 year old that is battling ALL ( form of Leukemia) for the 2nd time.  His dream request was to design an NFL helmet with the orange ribbon signifying Leukemia Awareness.


This is Olivia! Olivia is 16 years old and is battling Kearns Sayre Syndrome. This princess adores horses and wanted to go horseback riding.  She went on an amazing ride and had a photo shoot.


Ella is 6 years old and is battling a brain tumor. She hadn’t seen her friend for a long time, so Jamies Dream Team arranged for a social distancing movie night with each child in their own swimming pool with pillows and blankets.