09 Jun

Extra Magical World Extravaganza!

Our Trip: The purpose of Jamie’s Dream Team is to provide assistance and/or make distributions to or on behalf of qualifying individuals who are handicapped, disabled, terminally ill, severely injured or suffering from a serious medical condition, disease, or trauma. We are very excited to announce our newest program called “Extra Magical World Extravaganza”! The mission of this new program is...

14 Aug

Lorenzo’s Dream

Lorenzo is an exuberant, eight-year-old boy, living with (ALD) adrenoleukodystrophy in Cary, NC area. ALD is a rare, genetic disorder characterized by the breakdown or loss of myelin and by progressive dysfunction of the adrenal gland. It is characterized by normal development in early childhood, followed by rapid degeneration to a vegetative state. Lorenzo is one of four children. He and...

18 Feb

Take Our Dream Survey

As Jamie’s Dream Team continues to work hard to lift the spirits of those suffering from, and ease the burden caused by, serious illness, injury, disability or trauma, we are seeking your feedback in order to… We ask that you take a few minutes to complete the survey below and share with us how you and your family has been impacted by...

23 Aug

Please Help Us Make Maddox’s Dream Come True

Dreams of Visiting Father’s Marine Base AND where he was born in Oahu, Hawaii Jamie’s Dream Team wants to raise money to fund 13-year-old Maddox Hyde’s trip to where he was born in Oahu, Hawaii. Maddox was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma when he was six-years-old, and has spent the last seven years undergoing painful treatments...

22 Jun

First Annual Disney Extravaganza

Jamie’s Dream Team is holding the first Annual Disney Extravaganza.   This trip is for ten families that cannot fly commercial airlines, so we need help to fly them on a private charter. Plane- $32,000 Lodging at Disney World & the children who qualify for Give Kids the World- $10,000 Park Tickets- $5,000 Food- $2,000 Spending Money & Other Expenses- $3,000 Total: $52,000

20 Jan

Help Us Save Anna!!

I believe that everything happens for a reason and today while in Raleigh,North Carolina, I was told about a women’s shelter located directly across the street from the hotel where I am staying. So I went over to see if there is anyone that meets our criteria and I met an amazing woman named Anna who is homeless and battling...

20 Sep


Meet Mason. Mason is a very sweet 2 1/2 year old little boy. Mason’s family reached out to Jamie for help. One of the wishes is to give Mason a Christmas and to put this together as quick as possible. We reached out to Relentless for help since the family is in Geneva, OH. The mission of Relentless is to build...