Brianna’s dream was to go to see Cinderella’s Castle, but in the end she experienced so much more!!!

All Members of Jamie’s Dream Team,

A dream lasts only about five minutes and at most only forty five minutes and ironically that almost seems the same speed in which you all work to fulfill a dream.  A person spends six years of their lives doing just that, dreaming.  As a mother of any child you strive to give your child just that.   As a mother of a special needs child the task seems a little more difficult.

When I realized I could not give Brianna her dream,I felt a hole inside me like I have failed her, but when I talked to Kim (Vice President of Jamie’s Dream Team) she filled that hole.   On September 1st we boarded a plane bound for Orlando and fulfilling Brianna’s dream of seeing Cinderella’s castle.  I have not had tears of total elation like I did that week.

Give Kids the World Village is truly a place of rejuvenation and miracles and we were blessed that Jamie’s Dream Team gave us the opportunity to be there.   An organization founded and headed by such a young lady who fights her own daily struggles yet strives and thrives on helping others is remarkable.

Our family had a week with enough memories for 100 lifetimes and that gave us the strength to continue to deal with all the doctor appointments and strength to trudge on into an uncertain future but a future filled with hope and prayer and for that we thank each and every one of you who selflessly give your time and heart to help those who cannot do it alone.


Shauna (Brianna’s Mother)