I believe that everything happens for a reason and today while in Raleigh,North Carolina, I was told about a women’s shelter located directly across the street from the hotel where I am staying. So I went over to see if there is anyone that meets our criteria and I met an amazing woman named Anna who is homeless and battling a terminal illness. After spending time with Anna we took her to lunch, make up done, hair cut, and now we are taking her shopping. This amazing woman has had a very rough life and when I asked her what she would like for a dream she said her grand babies to remember me as a beautiful woman !!! We made her dream come true!!! Due to a privacy we can not post her picture!

Yesterday we finished up the Dream for Anna!!!! I have never felt this way tonight was totally a night I will never ever forget. Anna is Homeless she is currently staying in a Motel and Jamie and I went to WalMart and bought her necessities. Some food, bottled water, kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, pink bath towels, pots and pans, silverware, and dishes. Her Motel room is a efficiency and she has a refrigerator and a stove top. Because of what we purchased she is now able to make some food at her room and she has real dishes to eat from. We carried everything in to her room and began putting it away she could not believe it. She then presented Jamie and I with cards that she cashed in change at the dollar store to buy as well as a small gift. Here is what she wrote to Jamie:

Dear Jamie,
“You have now become one of my Special Angels. There are no words that can express what you have done for me. When I see you working your miracles, it reminds me of me once upon a time. Maybe there will be another miracle in my life and one day I could you in working to bring joy those in need. It has taken me 60 years to learn that if I had taken the time to rest and take care of myself I may have been able to help others.
So please take time for yourself and i know God will let you work your Miracles for years to come You Are Truly an angel.???

As we both finish reading our cards and opening our gift she explains to us she woke up at 530am to go with her walker to obtain these cards and small gift. Jamie told Anna that she loved the scent of honeysuckle and Anna got her body spray and lotion with a honeysuckle scent. She got me a $5 gift card to McDonald’s because she laughed yesterday when we went to dinner at a Japenese Place and said I wasn’t happy and Jamie said I would rather be at McDonald’s.
So here is the note she wrote in my card

There are no words that I can say to express the way you made me feel so special. Again as with Jamie you are also a new angel of mine. It’s a miracle when God shows you your purpose in life after having such a challenging past. I do wish you peace and all the blessings in the world for you and your daughter. Wherever I maybe I will always be watching “Jamie’s Dreams??? coming to life.
Love, Anna

As I have said I have never ever felt this way when doing a dream with Jamie and tonight was so amazing. I watched a woman go from being hopeless and having a DNR paper in plain sight, being very alone and depressed, having very low self esteem to a woman who has shown me so much in just two short days. She now smiles, feels beautiful, has new things she feels she deserves, taken down the DNR, and is already paying it forward by her kind words to Jamie and I. This is what Jamie’s Dream Team is all about!! Jamie and I both refused the gifts and she fought us about it so I left her $5 and kept the gift card and Jamie sprayed the body spray and told Anna to keep it and every time she wears it to think of Jamie. She wasn’t happy but we better come back to visit!!!! Anna kept telling us we are her Angels but honestly Anna we believe you are AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!