When Jamie Holmes from Jamie’s Dream Team called me to go meet this cool Lil 5 yr old boy Zayden who is battling cancer -to talk about his idea of a dream I was thinking if he wanted scary it would be…..ghosts, witches ect….but Zayden’s dream was far more than I had ever imagined after hearing his ideas I left his home puzzled on a party theme… not normally one who can’t take a party theme and get ideas going but this stumped me.. Jamie herself was a little stumped to but by the time we were back in the car.. ??? She was saying we can get wrecked cars brought in and have them flipped over as props ect..??? My thoughts she is out of her mind but hearing the excitement in her voice This girl is serious. I proceeded to tell her we need to call our friend Tom to help in this one. He jumped in board right away. She called her friend Stephanie who had some other great thoughts. More volunteers jump on board & with that another dream came true! U are awesome Jamie Holmes ..and so r your overturned wrecked cars ..love your crazy ways of making more dreams come true.!